Formation8 Partners LLC

Formation8 Partners is a venture capital company based in San Francisco, United States. They have less than $150 million in assets under management and operate 13 private funds. You can view more information on Formation8 Partners including private fund info, contact info, top management and executives, website, email addresses, and more below:

Contact Details for Formation8 Partners

Formation8 Partners, LLC
501 Second Street
Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94107
United States

Phone: 415-366-8393

Overview of Formation8 Partners

Ownership/Leadership of Formation8 Partners


James Jimin KimManaging Director
Bon Woong KooManaging Director
Joseph Todd LonsdaleManaging Director
Brett Sumner CummingsChief Financial Officer

Formation8 Partners Key Stats and Charts

Discretionary AUM: Not Available

Formation8 Partners discretionary AUM

Rank: Not available

Total AUM: Less than $150 million

Formation8 Partners total assets under management (AUM)

Rank: Not available

# of Accounts: 0

Formation8 Partners total client accounts

Rank: 34 out of 1042 venture capital companies

Average Account Size:

Formation8 Partners average account size

Rank: Not available

# of Employees:

Formation8 Partners has  employees

Rank: Not available

# of Private Funds: 13

Formation8 Partners operates 13 private Venture Capital funds

Rank: 53 out of 1042 venture capital companies

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