Crescent 1, L.P.

Crescent 1, L.P. is a hedge fund operated by Cyrus Capital Partners, L.P. and has approximately $810.7 million in assets. The current minimum investment for Crescent 1, L.P. is $5000000. Management owns 13 percent of the fund. Crescent 1, L.P. is one of the larger private funds with 810.7 million in assets.

Crescent 1, L.P. Overview

Crescent 1, L.P. Details

Subadviser: No Is Crescent 1, L.P. a subadviser

Other Investment Advisers: No other investment advisors

Solicited: No  Does Crescent 1, L.P. solicit investments?

Rely on Reg D Exemption: Yes  Does Crescent 1, L.P. have a Reg D exemption?

Audited: Yes  Does Crescent 1, L.P. shave audited financial statements?

Master Fund: Yes  Is Crescent 1, L.P. a master fund?

Feeder Fund: No  Is Crescent 1, L.P. a feeder fund?

GAAP: Yes 

Beneficial Owners: 1  1 has 1 beneficial owners.

Management Ownership: 13% 

Fund of Fund Ownership: 0%  

Non-US Ownership: 87%  Non-US ownership in Crescent 1, L.P.

Auditor(s): Ernst & Young LLP

Broker-Dealer(s): Citigroup Global Markets Inc., ,

Custodian(s): Citco Banking Corporation N.V., ,

Administrator(s): Citco Fund Administration (Cayman Islands) Limited

Crescent 1, L.P. Charts and Graphs

Total AUM: $810.7 million

column_171}total assets are $810.7 million

Rank: 1941 out of 30967 registered private funds

Minimum Investment: $5000000

Crescent 1, L.P.has a minimum investment of $5000000.

Rank: 3415 out of 30967 registered private funds

Management Ownership: 13%

Crescent 1, L.P. is13% owned by its management.

Rank: 7508 out of 30967 registered private funds