Corvex Management LP

Corvex Management is a hedge fund company based in New York, NY. They operate 4 private funds and have approximately $7.42 billion in total assets under management (AUM). You can view more information on Corvex Management including private fund info, contact info, top management and executives, website, email addresses, and more below:

Contact Details for Corvex Management

Corvex Management LP
667 Madison Avenue
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10065
United States

Phone: 212-474-6700
Fax: 212-474-6715

Overview of Corvex Management

Org. Type: Limited Partnership

Registration Country: United States


SEC#: 801-74085

Org#: 158197

Legal Issues: No legal issues reported

Company Type: Hedge Fund

Strategies/Sectors: Activist Fund of Funds

Pooled Investments: 100 percent

Private Funds Managed(4): Xroc Partners Lp, Corvex Co Investment Ltd , Corvex Investment Master Fund Spc Ltd Class Pc Segregated Portfolio , Corvex Master Fund Lp

Ownership/Leadership of Corvex Management


Keith Arlyn MeisterManaging Partner
Rupal Dhruv DoshiChief Operating Officer
Meister Capital Management LLCGeneral Partner
Malcolm Andrew LevineSenior Managing Director
Chief Compliance Officer
Chief Legal Officer

Corvex Management Key Stats and Charts

Discretionary AUM: $7.42 billion

Corvex Management discretionary AUM

Rank: 349 out of 3271 hedge fund management companies

Total AUM: $7.42 billion

Corvex Management total assets under management (AUM)

Rank: 369 out of 3271 hedge fund management companies

# of Accounts: 7

Corvex Management total client accounts

Rank: 1338 out of 3271 hedge fund management companies

Average Account Size: 1059668302.14

Corvex Management average account size

Rank: 105 out of 3271 hedge fund management companies

# of Employees: 27

Corvex Management has 27 employees

Rank: 664 out of 3271 hedge fund management companies

# of Private Funds: 4

Corvex Management operates 4 private Hedge Fund funds

Rank: 786 out of 3271 hedge fund management companies

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