Rangeley Capital LLC

Rangeley Capital is a hedge fund company based in New Canaan, United States. They have less than $150 million in assets under management and operate 3 private funds. You can view more information on Rangeley Capital including private fund info, contact info, top management and executives, website, email addresses, and more below:

Contact Details for Rangeley Capital

Rangeley Capital, LLC
3 Forest Street
New Canaan, CT 6840
United States

Phone: (203) 801-9975
Fax: (203) 801-9978

Overview of Rangeley Capital

Org. Type:

Registration Country:


SEC#: 802-77133

Org#: 152725

Legal Issues: No legal issues reported

Ownership/Leadership of Rangeley Capital


Townsend John RichardManaging Member
Christopher DemuthManaging Member
Robert E. SternerChief Operating Officer

Rangeley Capital Key Stats and Charts

Discretionary AUM: Not Available

Rangeley Capital discretionary AUM

Rank: Not available

Total AUM: Less than $150 million

Rangeley Capital total assets under management (AUM)

Rank: Not available

# of Accounts: 0

Rangeley Capital total client accounts

Rank: 2357 out of 3271 hedge fund management companies

Average Account Size:

Rangeley Capital average account size

Rank: Not available

# of Employees:

Rangeley Capital has  employees

Rank: Not available

# of Private Funds: 3

Rangeley Capital operates 3 private Hedge Fund funds

Rank: 995 out of 3271 hedge fund management companies

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