Lawrence Sheldon Bloomberg

Lawrence Sheldon Bloomberg is an employee with Bloombergsen Investment Partners, a hedge fund company. Lawrence is Chairman and has served as Chairman since 10/01/2007. Lawrence Bloomberg has an ownership stake in Bloombergsen Investment Partners of less than 5%.

Lawrence Bloomberg

Full Name: Lawrence Sheldon Bloomberg

Company: Bloombergsen Investment Partners

Industry: Hedge Fund

Position: Chairman

Ownership Type: Individual

Date Status Acquired: 10/01/2007

Ownership Stake: Less than 5%

Employment Details

Company/Fund Name: Bloombergsen Investment Partners

Address: 77 King Street West, Suite 4220, Td North Tower, Toronto, M5K 1H1, Canada

Phone: 416-594-9090

Fax: 416-775-3860


Lawrence Bloomberg, Chairman since 2007



Lawrence Bloomberg has served as Chairman of Bloombergsen Investment Partners since 2007.