Dunham Holdings LP

Dunham Holdings LP is a hedge fund operated by Dunham Partners and has approximately $32.4 million in assets. The current minimum investment for Dunham Holdings LP is $250000. Management owns 12 percent of the fund.

Dunham Holdings LP Overview

Fund Type: hedge  Dunham Holdings LP is a hedge fund

Private Fund ID: 805-3458060968 Dunham Holdings LP has a private fund ID of 805-3458060968

Fund Manager: Dunham Partners (Crd# 158592)

Registered Location: Minnesota, United States

Total Assets: $32.4 million

Minimum Investment: $250000

Private Funds Managed by Dunham Partners (1): Dunham Holdings Lp

Dunham Holdings LP Details

Subadviser: No Is Dunham Holdings LP a subadviser

Other Investment Advisers: No other investment advisors

Solicited: No  Does Dunham Holdings LP solicit investments?

Rely on Reg D Exemption: Yes  Does Dunham Holdings LP have a Reg D exemption?

Audited: Yes  Does Dunham Holdings LP shave audited financial statements?

Master Fund: Yes  Is Dunham Holdings LP a master fund?

Feeder Fund: No  Is Dunham Holdings LP a feeder fund?

GAAP: Yes  Does Dunham Holdings LP use GAAP?

Beneficial Owners: 40  40 has 40 beneficial owners.

Management Ownership: 12% 

Fund of Fund Ownership: 0%  

Non-US Ownership: 0%  Non-US ownership in Dunham Holdings LP

Auditor(s): Thomas Lewis & Associates, P.A.

Broker-Dealer(s): Interactive Brokers LLC, ,

Custodian(s): Interactive Brokers LLC, ,

Administrator(s): Nav Consulting, Inc.

Dunham Holdings LP Charts and Graphs

Total AUM: $32.4 million

column_171} total assets are $32.4 million

Rank: 16463 out of 30967 registered private funds

Minimum Investment: $250000

Dunham Holdings LP has a minimum investment of $250000.

Rank: 15427 out of 30967 registered private funds

Management Ownership: 12%

Dunham Holdings LP is 12% owned by its management.

Rank: 7711 out of 30967 registered private funds