Nigel David Parry

Nigel David Parry is an employee with Lgm Investments, a other company. Nigel is Chief Compliance Officer and has served as Chief Compliance Officer since 07/01/2015. Nigel Parry has an ownership stake in Lgm Investments of less than 5%.

Nigel Parry

Full Name: Nigel David Parry

Company: Lgm Investments

Industry: Other

Position: Chief Compliance Officer

Ownership Type: Individual

Date Status Acquired: 07/01/2015

Ownership Stake: Less than 5%

Employment Details

Company/Fund Name: Lgm Investments

Address: 95 Wigmore Street, London, W1U 1FD, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 20 3650 6600

Fax: +44 20 7495 8651


Nigel Parry, Chief Compliance Officer since 2015



Nigel Parry has served as Chief Compliance Officer of Lgm Investments since 2015.