Jonathan Dickson Herr

Jonathan Dickson Herr is an employee with Hoplite Capital Management, L.P., a hedge fund company. Jonathan is Chief Financial Officer and has served as Chief Financial Officer since 06/01/2003. Jonathan Herr has an ownership stake in Hoplite Capital Management, L.P. of less than 5%.

Jonathan Herr

Full Name: Jonathan Dickson Herr

Company: Hoplite Capital Management, L.P.

Industry: Hedge Fund

Position: Chief Financial Officer

Ownership Type: Individual

Date Status Acquired: 06/01/2003

Ownership Stake: Less than 5%

Employment Details

Company/Fund Name: Hoplite Capital Management, L.P.

Address: 810 Seventh Avenue, 34th Floor, New York, NY, 10019, United States

Phone: 212-849-6700

Fax: 212-849-6770


Jonathan Herr, Chief Financial Officer since 2003



Jonathan Herr has served as Chief Financial Officer of Hoplite Capital Management, L.P. since 2003.